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Would you like to see a virtual Rendering? Please include Vector Art for a Quote. Vector Artwork formats that he can accept are EPS, PDF an .AI


Minimum Order is 50 units

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Providing Artwork


* Please provide your graphic design in Adobe Illustrator (AI) vector file format.

* Where applicable, the file should have Pantone colors embedded in the artwork.

* If the design contains an image then if possible provide the image also separately in PSD (Photoshop) format with layers at full resolution (RGB or CMYK).

* Text should be ‘outlined’ or its font file provided separately.

* Files smaller than 10MB can be emailed to your contact person at FireFly. For larger files please ask for details.

Vector files (.ai; .eps; .pdf)

This format is used for logos and simple graphics or large text banners. The graphic elements of a Vector file are made up of mathematically defined curves, which allow individual elements of the design to be manipulated and resized without loss of quality. These files are created using design software such as Adobe Illustrator.

Bitmap (Raster) files (.psd; .tif;.bmp; .jpg)

This format is used for photos or Graphic images. A digital image is made up of a grid of tiny pixels or bits. These bits each have their individual colour, and when observed from distance, make up a photographic image. However, if these graphic images are enlarged, the pixels will enlarge as well, and may become apparent to the naked eye. Note: Some files that contain text and logos which are in vector format (such as .ai or .pdf files), can also contain photos or graphics in the same file which are in bitmap or raster format. To confuse matters even further, these files can have the same suffix as normal vector files; .ai, .pdf or even .psd files; and be in either RGB or
CMYK color format.


The following images show individual Firefly Signs packaged one per custom box, each sign has a die cut foam protection and custom box.

Individual boxes are shipped in a master carton with specialty markings.

Custom Box Markings with Customer Receiving P.O.’s available.